Success in our Fast-Moving World

“There is more to life than increasing its speed”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Posted by TWW Team on April 13, 2021

People usually have big questions like “What is life for?”, “What is success?” and “What is happiness?”. These questions usually scare most people.

Success is about seeing the truth in all things. It is about living wisely and knowing what you love. It is being able to discern between true values and neurotic cravings. Most goals that we pursue so feverishly lose all value easily when there is an abrupt end to our ability to work towards them.

We live in a “Success Culture.” Many people pursue success as a primary goal in life and are often obsessed with it. They judge their entire lives on whether or not they’re a success. They secretly attack themselves for not being successful enough.

But how much success is enough?
People crave success because they hope that it will deliver salvation from the ego’s self-attack. They hope that being able to say “I’ve made it” will silence their inner taunts.

True success should not cost you your joy, your health or your relationships. On the contrary, it is about enjoying all these things. May your success inspire and help us all.

Do you Want to Stand out from the Rest in this World?

We live in a fast-moving society where people are chasing success and pursuing happiness. The pace of life is accelerating beyond all previous measures. We are rapidly becoming a generation of fast-learners who are testing the limits of fast living and fast business. More of us are also questioning the wisdom of it.

We always find ways to do everything faster than ever before. Fast is exciting. Fast offers us the possibility of success sooner, happiness sooner, love sooner, everything sooner.

Every morning we wake up early to the sound of our alarm clocks. We rise immediately. The “Snooze” button is for losers. But we are winners, or at least we hope to be. We hit the shower. Speed-dry our hair. Switch on our fast boil coffee maker. Drink caffeine to lift our spirits. Scan the headlines. Take our breakfast with us to the car. And aim to beat the rush hour. In this society, convenience is essential if we are to manage the pace.

Isn’t it true that the fast society has now become a manic society?

The most successful and happy people are good at making time for reflection and inspiration. The paradox of this Manic Society is that no matter how fast we go and how many shortcuts we take, there never seems to be enough time.

Success is not a race, it is a journey. Success is not an achievement, it is a discovery. -Robert Holden

Has your journey towards success started?

Source: Success Intelligence by Robert Holden

Do you Want to Stand out from the Rest in this World?