Are You Equipped To Adapt?

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so gorgeous at the end.

Posted by Anil Thomas on April 27, 2021

Challenging yourself to go out of your comfort level is simpler than it initially seems. In preparation for improving your social relations, you need to imagine yourself communicating effectively with others. This will promote some of the same neurons that you’ll be using when you actually engage in social relations.

A procedure called priming has been used to get people to trust others when they have not trusted them in the past. For example, priming has been used successfully between traditional rivals. Positive pictures and connections of a sense of security are primed in people before they interact with others who normally would have seemed unsafe. You can also use priming successfully if you are anxious or avoidant by default. Positive attachment interpretations and associations can be primed even by using affectionate terms.

During evolution the demands of communication were increased by population growth and supply competition. The mirror neurons were a complex system for communicating through hand gestures. The advantages of enhanced gestural communication, in turn, may have contributed to further social development through the imitation of gestures.

Tough people turn disappointing situations into openings to learn something new. Although they don’t want bad things to happen, they adjust to bad circumstances by focusing on hidden openings. For example, you may run into financial problems due to job loss , you were pretty comfortable in the old position, so switching means that you have to expand yourself in areas that you had never explored. After pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you may actually find the new area to be more rewarding than the old one was.

When you become affixed to a very specific outcome and it doesn’t occur, you suffer frustration. You may be lucky enough to have some calculation of your expectations occur, but when it does, do you really enjoy it? The chances are that you are too busy expecting yet another future specific expectation.

Anil Thomas

Chief Operating Officer at BRAINCITI