Ultimate Mindset for Healthy Eating Habits

"Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments." Bethenny Frankel

Posted by Dr Liz Isenring on June 29, 2021

What type of mindset shift leads to the best long term success to improve your overall energy, health and weight management efforts?

I am happy to share with you 3 mindset shifts that help improve your eating habits.

1. Become a “nutrition" essentialist

Living as an essentialist allows you to think about your thinking and become more intentional and less reactive regarding your food choices. It will allow you to place a clear boundary around your time so that you have the mental space and practical amount of time needed to cook a healthy meal, enjoy being physically active on the weekend with friends or family and eat mindfully overall, in a less frantic on-the-go careless way instead of grabbing whatever is more convenient.

2. Nail “the one thing” for nutrition success

The best results to achieve anything in your life, work or finding purpose, are determined by how narrow you can focus. Health is no exception.

Not everything matters equally. There are “need to have” strategies for health, energy and weight management success. Chances are you do not need to change twenty things in your diet but you may need to tweak the portion size of your everyday food choices or strategize the emotional aspects of why you are eating to create big shifts in your life.

What you do occasionally on the weekend or while socializing matters less. Packing a daily healthy afternoon snack or committing to eating a piece of fruit as part of their breakfast every day is far more effective than a detox diet done for a week or a spring cleanse.

3. Clarify “what soulful food sparks joy?”

If your physical space is less cluttered and surrounded only by items you love, this lighter feeling impacts success for your personal life, work life, and health.

When you specifically clarify which soulful foods in your diet truly spark joy, it becomes much easier to eat these mindfully. Smaller portions of soulful foods also often become more satisfying. It also becomes easier to give up bad habits or decrease items chosen without thought because someone in your home was eating them. It also becomes easier to plan ahead and skip grabbing a quick fix for energy out of a vending machine because you forgot to bring a healthy afternoon snack.

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Dr Liz Isenring

Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker