How the Comfort Zone Reveals a Leader's True Impact

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.

Posted by René Johnson on August 10, 2021

Today's leaders face the challenge of an unprecedented business environment while strengthening the foundation of their leadership charge. That is to inspire and influence others to become their highest best self so that the vision can take form. This sacred charge is grounded in understanding how the power to impact comes from inside-outside growth. Meaning it will require expanded awareness and taking the necessary risks to identify and step out of their comfort zone - to lead like never before.

We don't think of leaders as having a Comfort Zone. Why? The comfort zone is often mislabeled, hidden, and woven into their busy day-to-day lives and careers. As a result, many talented leaders secretly suffer from an "undiagnosed" comfort zone causing stress, anxiety, and a lack of confidence in some situations. The reason being is the comfort zone creates an artificial success barrier controlling decisions and how you react to various situations.

For example, a familiar comfort zone stimulus is limiting beliefs. These subconsciously disempower choices opening the door to tolerance. However, tolerating is a slippery slope to justify and validate giving away your power, all the while reinforcing a new comfort zone. Tolerances of a busy leader are: Putting off courageous conversations for a better time. Forgoing delegating and, in so doing, not honoring their strengths and talents. They stall making progress on goals due to insufficient time planning. Avoid taking risks to stand out and carve out their lane. These are a few risks and costs from one stimulus. You might even consider yourself risk-averse. But, keep in mind, settling in the comfort zone does not eliminate risk!

Becoming aware of your hidden comfort zone and associated costs can sometimes create a sense of regret and sadness. My clients share this steams from realizing they've been out of alignment with or not honoring their highest best self.

Yet, a leader awakened to the presence of their comfort zone doesn't need to despair. Instead, they can stand on the shoulders of the lessons and gifts revealed and choose to illuminate their newfound truth. Through their example, others are inspired to increase their confidence and break through their comfort zone. I believe we would be fortunate to face many comfort zones in our lifetime. With each discovery, these become a vehicle for transformation into new levels of leadership in our life and work.

René Johnson

Profitable Leadership Authority | Author | International Speaker