3 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve Success

Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Posted by TWW Team on August 17, 2021

Napoleon Hill who authored the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, which is often considered as the Bible of personal development, once had an interview on a radio program and he shared a unique perspective on the topic of failure that has gone unpublished until today. Hill explained how three habits can either ruin a person’s dreams or be redirected and transformed into stepping-stones for success. Let us find out how to overcome these challenges we face and avoid failure:

1. The Inability to Get Along with Other People

GENUINELY take interest in other people’s success. Do not act on immediate feelings of competition or jealousy. Just because someone else achieves what you consider to be success doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed as well. Success is not finite. Despite the analogy of “taking a slice of the American pie,” another person’s success does not in any way compromise your success potential. Be proud of other people’s success, especially those closest to you. When we improve our communication skills and sincerely care for other people, these same individuals will become more willing to help us along as well.

2. Quitting

ALWAYS REMEMBER: “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” It’s likely you’ve heard this from others before reading this book, and there is a reason this philosophy is so pervasive. Words matter, and this is as simple and true as it gets. When you feel like giving up, focus on the outcome rather than the struggle —and push yourself to keep going, no matter how difficult this may seem. Be careful to evaluate your goal. If it’s the right goal for you, you are unlikely to act on the urge to quit in the face of challenges. You will reap the rewards when you have the courage and stickability to see your vision through.

3. Procrastination

GET IN TOUCH with your definite purpose so you may discern quickly when a great opportunity presents itself. Be decisive and take immediate action! Remember that sometimes the worst decision is making no decision at all. Don’t allow self-doubt to stop you. The greatest achievers are those who seize opportunities when they present themselves. These are the individuals who do not have self-doubt, but self-confidence. Have the confidence that is needed to take on a job or an assignment that may seem overwhelming at first. Put another way: have faith in yourself!

After implementing these practices, we can avoid failure and achieve success with more certainty.

Credits: Stickability: The Power of Perseverance by Greg S. Reid , The Napoleon Hill Foundation