Great Leaders Take Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility.

Posted by TWW Team on September 14, 2021

1.8 seconds. The average time taken for the human brain to make a decision. And that, is one of the key skills when it comes to effective Leadership - being lucid decision makers and problem solvers, creating clarity out of ambiguity.

All of this might sound quick and easy to execute, but it’s never that way. Being in complex environments and facing high pressure, opportunity deadlines, too much, too little or discordant information is the reality of being a Leader. Across global governments or business organizations, a current crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic requires two sets of Leadership skills: One, acute skills to respond to the initial chaos and confusion with competence and a clear head - Two, chronic skills to manage day-in, day-out slog of long term circumstances.

Having worked with a number of people over the last few years, something I’ve learnt and observed is that - the rarest commodity is leadership without ego. You cannot have ego when you’re in such a position, though not seen now, the long term effects could be drastic. Another rare, yet principal skill to develop as a Leader - is to be a sharp observer. When you’re placed in such a position after years of experience in an organization or industry, you are expected to be capable of identifying and networking with people having specific skill sets required for the team. To be a strong Leader, be open to having a team with people smarter than you in their specific work. It makes all the difference.

Another fundamental of Leadership is respecting the value and differences of each person in the team. Always be willing to give them any support or help when they approach you. Learn to give praise and appreciation at every turn, and make them and their work feel appreciated and essential. So, empathy and perspective, that’s what I think Leaders should have, the real job of a Leader is not to always be in charge, but to take care of those in our charge which is so often forgotten. It’s a transition you’ll ultimately have to make.

The Butterfly effect, a beautiful concept, that teaches us to be thoughtful with our decisions, how something made on a micro scale can have profound impacts down the line. It’s something I believe Leaders should properly understand and aim for.

Every single one of us has the opportunity to be the leader we wish we had. Leadership isn't a rank or a title you have to wait to be given - It's a role that any of us can step into, at any time.

Content Credit: Dakshin Vinod

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