How to Deal Self-Doubt

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Suzy Kassem

Posted by Alexandra André on October 12, 2021

It’s a bit like learning to dance in the rain, rather than waiting for the storm to pass…

Self-doubt can be a common trait for many of us. Especially when it comes to taking on something ‘big’.

And it’s typically seen as a bad thing. But I don’t believe it has to be. I think it all comes down to what we do with that self-doubt.

If we let it hinder us and deny us the chance to try something – then yes, that could be a bad thing. And unfortunate, because no one wins when we play small.

If we wait for the ‘self-doubt storm’ to pass, it may never.

But there is another way. We can acknowledge that self-doubt and allow it to be there. Let it have a seat at the table. Even see it as a healthy thing, because it means we’re considering something that will stretch us. But don’t ever let your self-doubt be the deciding factor.

Choose courage instead. Find the courage to sign up and commit to trying, despite the self-doubt you may feel towards achieving it.

Easier said than done? Potentially… but it all comes down to mindset.

Three things that might help:

  1. Belief Boosters
  2. Think about anything you’ve achieved or got through, that you didn’t think you could until you did. Let those things boost your belief in yourself when it comes to the next thing you’re considering taking on. A good mantra or affirmation you could use is: I did (such and such), so I CAN do this!

  3. The Regret Perspective
  4. Wind the clock forwards and see how you feel about either trying despite your self-doubt, or not trying at all. Would you prefer to try and ‘fail’, or live with not trying? Because here’s the thing, sometimes long shots do come off, and you’ll never know otherwise.

  5. Reframe Self-doubt
  6. What if we saw self-doubt almost as a gift or strength? Think about anything you’ve taken on despite your self-doubt. The more you’ve doubted yourself and your ability, the more achieving it means right? Without any element of self-doubt, no achievement means nearly as much. In fact the more self-doubt, the more meaningful the achievement.

Don’t wait for your self-doubt storm to pass, embrace it and dance in the rain of possibility!

Alexandra André

5x Marathoner, Business Founder, Coach, Author

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