The Words You Use Impact Your Success

Change how you speak and your life will change.

Posted by Jeff Wickersham on November 16, 2021

How we speak has such a profound impact on the results we get in life.

Yet, those words, the language we use to communicate what we will do, isn’t taught in schools at any grade level.

The most amazing discovery I have found is, our language comes down to one word.

If you remove, replace or add one word to how you speak it changes everything.

Let me share a few examples with you to show you the power of language.

I want you to speak these sentences out loud as you read them to feel the full effect.

  • I will TRY to go to the gym tomorrow.
  • I AM going to the gym tomorrow.

Did you feel the difference?

Try gives you an out. It allows your mind to sneak out the back door if conditions, circumstances, how you’re feeling aren’t exactly perfect.

With I am, you declare there is no alternative and you’re telling your mind what is going to happen.

Let’s go over another example:

  • I HAVE to get to the grocery store
  • I GET to go to the grocery store.

When you use have to, it feels heavy, almost like a burden.

When you use get to, it feels like a privilege, something you should be excited about.

Last example of how impactful you speak can be:

  • I haven’t made the money that I want to make.
  • I haven’t made the money that I want to make YET.

In the first statement you are defeated, you don’t see a future.

In the second statement, you are future pacing your success with one simple word, yet.

Adding that word to the sentence tells your mind that you will get there in the future, it inspires and creates that vision of future success.

How we speak, the small words that we use, has such a big impact on the results and success in your life.

Replace one word and you can change your life.

Jeff Wickersham

Founder, Morning Fire Coaching | Speaker | Author | Podcaster

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