Close Right and Start Right

Look back so that the view forward looks clearer.

Posted by Roy Tharakan on December 21, 2021

As we close the year we become too preoccupied with activities happening around us but it is time to pay more attention to what is going on within us. It’s important to take this time to self-reflect and review wrt to career and finances, health and well-being, relationships etc.

Self-reflection is the process of bringing attention to what is happening in our life and learning more about our fundamental nature and being more self-aware. Though, it should be a real time and daily process but year-end is the best time to review the happenings through the year in a mindful and open-minded way.

Year-end self-examination is a huge opportunity to review and understand patterns that give further clarity about our own core values, our purpose, potential and core competencies, our fears and challenges etc. The outcome of the review gives us much needed clarity and motivation to make better decisions and reduce our anxiety about the future, nurture relationships and be more emotionally intelligent.

Ask ourselves, what were my key learnings this year, my most memorable/experiences, the best thing I learned and the biggest challenge I overcome, whom should I be most grateful for and acknowledge them, whom should forgive and move on, where I was ineffective and gave-up easily. Separate them for career, health, relationship etc. Write an essay to yourself based on the self-reflection process then make way for improvements. I am sure, you will feel self-empowered and decide live the year 2022 with more intent.

You can use the same template to help family/friend discussion write out the questions on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl and take turns at answering them.

“The journey into self-love and self-acceptance must begin with self-examination… until you take the journey of self-reflection, it is almost impossible to grow or learn in life.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Remember, Self-reflection is the habit of deliberately focusing our own thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviors and not it not about others or overthink about the past.


Roy Tharakan

Business Leader and Sales Director at Cargill

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