Powerful Leaders Are Always Authentic

"Anyone who follows their internal compass can become an authentic leader." Bill George

Posted by Andrea Putting on January 11, 2022

“I’m impressed by your resume,” the interviewer said. “You share the same values as our company. Integrity is our top value.” With that, I had the job.

New opportunities were knocking at the door, and I was answering. Suddenly, I was propelled into a new position with a lot to learn and some unexpected lessons. These lessons have shaped my direction in life. The lesson of being an Authentic Influencer as a leader was beckoning.

The journey of a leader is arduous and often filled with frustrations. There can be long hours, and we can never completely turn off. It often feels that our teams aren’t responding to us. Maybe even disloyal to our cause or not committing the way needed.

This was the experience of my new boss. He could never quite understand why people wouldn’t do things the way expected and didn’t hang around long.

Constantly I see that some leaders have great teams and others have teams who are just a bunch of disconnected individuals. Their people are disloyal and disinterested in what is going on. They don’t respond how they need to to get the job done. They won’t make the commitments required.

What is the difference between the two? What is it that makes a good team? In most cases, it comes down to the leader. A good leader walks their talk, drawing people together. This is Authentic Influence.

Authentic Influence is unwavering. It offers reassurance that what is said is what they mean. There is no doubt. There is a certainty that their leader is someone they can trust and follow. As a result, individuals will come together as a team and make things happen. They will be loyal and give their best to get the job done.

You don’t need to learn any persuasion technics. You need to be the leader who walks and works alongside them all the way. Listen to your people, really listen. Accept their feedback the way you want them to accept feedback.

As for the boss, well, I didn’t last long either. What I expected from the value of integrity didn’t match what was lived in the company. However, I am grateful for my lesson that to be a true leader of a team that changes the world, I must be authentic to who I am and the message I share.


Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor on Authentic Influence

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