Be an EPIC Leader

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Posted by Brad Dalton on January 18, 2022

That shade of awesome you bring to the game is like no other and you didn’t roll out of bed to be mediocre today. You have awesome running in your DNA. Nobody can do it like you do. But in this process of searching for meaning, purpose, ethically fantastic decisions and ultimately winning in life, many of us will default and internally negotiate our way out of doing what’s right, what is ethical and what will bring the most value to the team, most value to our family, and most value to our ascension up the ladder of awesome. It doesn’t have to be this way. Greater is coming for you!

The root cause for being lured off the positive train and gravitating away from our moral compass stems from believing our best is not good enough. Unethical decision making is a desperation move that occurs when we treat our lives like a hobby. The lure is strong. If you look to your left, right, front and back, only roughly 30% of your peers in the same lane will be the individuals raising their hands to put in the work. Everybody wants to be the diamond, but very few are willing to get cut. Not everybody’s willing to embrace the inevitable struggles of life necessary for growth.

If our lenses are in the right place, if we choose to BET ON US, if we choose to INVEST IN US, we become EPIC! It’s incredible! Stop building a business and start building a life.

4 Characteristics of an EPIC leader:

  1. E………….Excite. People need a reason to be excited. Ethically sound leaders rev the engines of the people around them. What you want to be tomorrow, you’ve got to do today. From the moment their toes touch the floor in the morning to the moment they shut down business operations that night, great leaders are shaping not just a business, but a lifestyle. People aren’t searching for Ferrari’s in life, they’re searching for a lifestyle and searching for a feeling.

  2. P………….Positive. Success is a daily thing, not a destination thing and words that add value are staples to an ethically awesome climate. An empowering leader hires positive, hires character, surrounds him/her self with success by design.

  3. I…………..Intuitive. Ethical leaders show the metamorphosis of positively becoming and exhibit an abundant mindset that affords positive growth in life, leadership, business and family. Soulful leadership is sustainable leadership.

  4. C…………..Committed. Love, faith, success, joy and fulfilment are nouns better used as verbs because without action, they’re simply words. Become more growth conscious and less goal conscious by taking nouns and reframing them as verbs and you’ll create replicable steps leading to replicable outcomes.

To all aspiring ethical leaders out there, be your best self. Your best self will never waste your time. It travels, it does not discriminate and it creates not only the best version of you, but of others. Greater is coming for you!


Brad Dalton

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