Emotional Resilience in Changing Times

Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's less good than the one you had before.

Posted by Dr Navana Kundu on February 2, 2022

The world scenario is changing at a rapid pace. Lost in the dynamism, we think it’s cool to be tough, ambitious and go-getter to achieve success. It will no doubt give you a feel-good factor and a high of life for some time.

But what about those difficult times when there’s nobody to pat your back? Your relationship is stressful, your competitor bagged a deal, your finances are hit hard, you are not closing enough sales… You find yourself in a tornado of doubts and decisions, whirlpool or fear and anxieties.

As an emotional mastery bestselling author coach and speaker, I believe that “How successful you are in life depends on how emotionally fit you are.”

It is crucial to have a high level of emotional resilience that can help you to handle stress levels effectively and calmly in times of change and uncertainty. It will help you make the tough decisions in life and bounce back from no matter what life throws at you.

What is emotional resilience?
It is your ability to respond to stressful or unexpected situations and crisis.

How to build a HIGH emotional resilience?

The answer is simple – HOPE. Before you start wondering, HOPE = Humour, Optimism, Perspective and Emotional Awareness. Let’s understand its meaning in a deeper context.

H - Humour

Humour is an understated superpower. It is one of the best psychological defenses you can use to tackle stress and tension. When you cultivate a great sense of humour against life’s challenges, your brain blocks past impressions and future worries thereby making you grounded in the present moment. So just laugh out loud heartily and fearlessly!

O- Optimism

Optimism holds phenomenal positive energy that creates happy life moments for you and your dear ones. It makes you focus more on opportunities and less on losses. An optimistic emotion, thought, action, and behaviour brings you the momentum to move forward rather than look back at past dissapointments.

P – Perspective

Perspective is a lens with which you view yourself, others and the entire world around you. When you change your perspective, you give a different meaning to your experience. A shift in perspective gives you a different story that can give rise to productive emotions and thoughts. The coin has two sides, so does your perspective about life. So, ask yourself, what story are you telling yourself and the others?

E – Emotional Mindfulness

We all feel at times angry, sad, afraid, excited. Be mindful of what you feel. This will help you to understand what you need and want (or don’t want!) Unless you understand your emotions, you cannot transform your emotions to your favor.

If you want to learn how to speed shift your emotions rapidly in a few minutes, learn the 7-Step Emotion Breakthrough Formula from my book, Emotional Mastery – Toolkit For Success.

When you have mastered your emotions, you eventually build a high emotional resilience that helps you deal with an unexpected life crisis. You are no more swept away by the waves of change and your emotional ups and downs. It helps you to know yourself better and deeper and make empowering, positive shifts for yourself and others.

Dr Navana Kundu

Dr Navana Kundu

Best Selling & Award Winning Author, Speaker, Coach - EMOTIONAL MASTERY

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