Develop a Winner's Mindset

A winning mindset is an attitude that allows you to feel more confident, believe in yourself and see challenges only as opportunities.

Written by Pamela Millican on March 15, 2022

A winning mindset is an attitude that allows you to feel more confident, believe in yourself and see challenges only as opportunities. People with a winning mindset believe in constant development, and see each success as a stepping stone to further success, while failures are seen merely as feedback and an opportunity to further learn and grow.

Because of that, developing a winning mentality is crucial to expanding the mental toughness and emotional resilience needed for the motivation required to succeed in difficult or challenging situations.

There are several key qualities needed for creating a winning mindset, not least the importance of knowing your ‘WHY’ for wanting to succeed which determines whether you are committed to your success and will do whatever it takes, or are just interested and likely to give up the minute things get tough. You must also create a definitive plan and take massive action.

However, I also believe that the MOST important quality for creating a winning mindset is the power behind the development of a growth mindset. A growth mindset is one which allows you to view your mistakes and failures as nothing more than feedback as mentioned above, and allows room for further growth and development.

The belief of a Fixed mindset however, does not allow you to fail and learn from that supposed failure. The fixed mindset believes the talent they possess and were born with, is who they are and therefore does not require more effort since that shows weakness.

The problem with that approach is that it does not allow the fixed mindset an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and subsequently grow. Because the FM believe they are just naturally brilliant they will stay well clear of challenges to avoid any risk of failure, less that prove otherwise.

“The growth mindset concept was originally developed by Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.
In this book, Dweck demonstrates how people (students, in particular) can be divided into two groups. There are those who have a growth mindset & those who have a fixed mindset.

People with growth mindsets believe that skill & intelligence are something that people can develop. By contrast, those with fixed mindsets believe that talent and intelligence are something you either have or you don’t. They don’t believe that practice, failure, & strategy development are key to developing talent or intelligence.

 Pamela Millican

Pamela Millican

Personal Development Coach, Mindset Mastery Coach, Author

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