How to Sleep Better

Sleeping good is the superpower you have within you, no matter how you feel.

Written by Felix Weinzinger on March 23, 2022

Sleeping well is so important these days, because it gives us the ability to life and thrive, instead of survive and suffer.
Everybody who has a lack of sleep can say, that this is one of the hardest tortures that you can do to yourself.

But is torturing yourself really that what you want to do?

Of course not, but many people in the world are doing it unconsciously, because they don’t know better.
They stand up in the morning with eye rings, maybe with backpain and a light feel of drowsiness.

After getting up they rush into the kitchen and pour some coffee, check their email on mobile and then brush their teeth like Flash the hero of marvel.

But why they are doing it?

Because they think they must, to compete with the daily stress they have at work and in their lives.

They want to be perfect and shiny, to obey the rules of modern society: hustle hard and you will get the prize.

According to the 2008 Sleep in America Poll, people are working more than ever. They found out that they work an average of 9,5 hours at workdays and four extra hours working from home each week.

This is insane. I hope you know that more work often equals less sleep, right?

But as I have experienced in my daily work, the opposite is quite true to get a more productive sleep and working life.

Something that nobody is telling you is this: If you want to have a more fulfilling live you have to learn to embrace your sleep in every phase of your life.

If you do that on a constant basis everything good will follow.

But how to learn to embrace sleep to improve job performance?

It is quite simple. These simple and practical tips will help you to sleep in faster, get up more refreshed and be more focused at work.
Let’s dive into it.

  • Get out: Yeah getting out into sunlight is so crucial for a better sleep. This is because of the secretion of serotonin (which is our good mood hormone) and the precursor of our sleeping hormone melatonin. Let’s get at least 30 mins of fresh air and a warm breeze of sunrays on to your skin. It will boost your sleep enormously.

  • Be active: What I mean with that is just do some exercise that make you sweat. This is crucial because vigorous activity actives the cortisol system and helps you to stay focused in the morning and get sleepy at night. But please stop to do HIIT workouts or anything related at night. It will harm your sleep quality very badly.

  • Avoid junk light: This is something that you hear allday long but it is a matter of fact that blue light is inhibiting the melatonin secretion at night. Instead use bluelight filters as f.lux, nightshiftmode on your phone or bluelight blocking glasses such as WIZION to get you into a nice and relaxing mood before going to bed.

  • Get analog: Yes, this is the Gamechanger to more productivity and overall health.
    Do more analogous stuff in the evening like reading books, writing notes, ironing, washing dishes (Bill Gates is doing this everyday) or just meditate. This gives your digital brain the possibility to reset and pause.

As you see it is not so difficult to empower your sleep and also be more energetic throughout the day. When you have mastered your sleep, everything will be easier for you and you will work smarter, spend less time struggling and have more fun in life. This is true satisfaction. I call this “sleepyfaction”.

 Felix (Wachmacher) Weinzinger

Felix (Wachmacher) Weinzinger

Sleep Coach

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